Although my respect for 360 cannot be defined in a single blog, and I absolutely love all his free e.p.’s that he released online to masterfully get his name across the nation, I have a lot of mixed feelings for his song Died This Way feat. DJ BAM BAM and Skrillex.

I guess at first I should explain why i have these mixed feelings, first of all I love the song for a number of reasons, he’s managed to get dubstep into his work which is a genre I’ve always been a closet-fan for. It’s passionate, it gets your blood pumping and it makes you want to go outside and create your own mosh pit with strangers on the street and swear at the top of your lungs at people you don’t even know. But the one thing I have a problem with is his reference to ryan dunn.

For those of you who don’t know ryan dunn was an actor in the show Jackass and was also in the movies for Jackass, and he not so recently passed away in a car accident. Ryan had been drinking before the crash, he’d had 3 lights beers and 3 shots.

‘But on the off chance that you catch us driving drunk, at least it ain’t with ryan dunn. (too soon) we dont give a fuck! Yeah, i was driving drunk with ryan dunn, but i survived the cunt look, im alive as fuck’

It pains me to see 360 talking about someones death so casually when his main message so far has been against depression and suicide. Although i love the perfect balance he has created between being an outspoken ‘who gives a shit’ rapper, and caring and at times troubled artist, I feel at this time he’s taken his dick-head side too far.